MICRO-51 keynote-3

Keynote 3:

Neuromorphic Principles for Efficient Self-Learning Microarchitecture

Mike Davies, Intel
Mike Davies
8:00-9:00, Wednesday Oct 24, 2018
Room: The Grand Ball Room


Earlier this year, Intel published its Loihi neuromorphic research chip in IEEE Micro. This novel processor implements a microcode-programmable learning architecture supporting a wide range of neuroplasticity mechanisms under study at the forefront of computational neuroscience. By applying many of the fundamental principles of neural computation found in nature, Loihi promises to provide highly efficient and scalable learning performance for supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement-based, and one-shot paradigms. This talk describes these principles as applied to the Loihi architecture and shares our preliminary results towards the vision of low power, real-time on-chip learning.


Mike Davies leads Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab. Since joining Intel Labs in 2014, he has researched neuromorphic prototype architectures and is responsible for Intel’s recently announced Loihi research chip. Mike began his career in 2000 as a founding employee of Fulcrum Microsystems. As Fulcrum’s Director of Silicon Engineering, he pioneered high performance asynchronous design methodologies as applied to several generations of industry-leading Ethernet switch products. Mike joined Intel in 2011 by Intel’s acquisition of Fulcrum. He holds BS and MS degrees from Caltech in Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering.