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Related Documents: https://www.microarch.org/docs/diversity-survey-2018.pdf

The MICRO SC, ACM SIGMICRO, and IEEE TCuARCH are pleased to announce that the report entitled "Analysis of MICRO Conference Diversity Survey Results" is now available online. The report is authored by Prof. Lizanne DeStefano of the Georgia Institute of Technology, an independent expert commissioned by ACM SIGMICRO and IEEE TCuARCH to conduct this analysis. For more information about Prof. Lizanne DeStefano, please see https://www.ceismc.gatech.edu/about/staffdirectory/dr-lizanne-destefano.

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TCuARCH October 2018 Update

October 5, 2018

Dear members of the TCuARCH Community,

It is with great pleasure that I send you the October 2018 TCuARCH community update. As you can see below, we have been making exciting progress in MICRO conference governing bylaws, MICRO-2017 Survey data, transparency, re-organizing MICRO Test-of-Time Award Committee, and MICRO-2018 organization.

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MICRO Bylaws Unanimously Approved, Available Online

September 30, 2018

Website: https://www.microarch.org/bylaws.html

The MICRO Steering Committee has developed a set of bylaws to officially codify the roles and responsibilities of the steering committee and annual chairs for the International Symposium on Microarchitecture. Version 1.1 of the bylaws were approved unanimously by the MICRO Steering Committee, and were unanimously endorsed by ACM SIGMICRO and IEEE TCuARCH.

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Deadline: July 31, 2018

Website: https://www.microarch.org/Micro-ToT-Award/cfn.html

The MICRO Test of Time (ToT) Award Committee is soliciting nominations for the fifth MICRO ToT Award to be given at the International Symposium on Microarchitecture in October 2018, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan. This award recognizes the most influential papers published in past MICRO conferences that have had significant impact in the field.

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TCuARCH May 2018 Update

May 12, 2018

Dear members of the TCuARCH Community,

It is with great pleasure that I send you the May 2018 TCuARCH community update. As you can see below, the new MICRO Steering Committee (SC) is making great progress in MICRO conference governing bylaws, analyzing MICRO-2017 Survey data, improving transparency, re-organizing MICRO Test-of-Time Award Committee, and MICRO-2018 organization.

We all agree that all conferences in the computer architecture community can do better in diversity and data transparency. I believe that the MICRO SC, SigMICRO, and TCuARCH are approaching this important challenge in a thoughtful way, carefully thinking through any unintended consequences of our moves. Looking at the progress reported below, I personally believe that MICRO will come out significantly better than its peer conferences in diversity and transparency.

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TCuARCH March 2018 Update

March 21, 2018

Dear members of the TCuARCH Community,

My term as your TCuARCH Chair started on February 1, 2018. During this coming year, I would like to provide you with regular updates on the state of TCuARCH. Here is the March 2018 update...

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MICRO Diversity Study - Your Feedback Requested

January 22, 2018

Dear all,

As part of the MICRO-50 business meeting, there was a session devoted to discussing diversity in MICRO and more broadly computer architecture conferences.

One of the decisions the SC co-chairs made (in consultation with many members of the MICRO community) was to get input and ideas from the broader community on how to broaden participation of women and underrepresented minorities at the MICRO conference in particular (and in computer architecture conferences in general).

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Follow-Up from the MICRO-50 Business Meeting

November 24, 2017

To all those who attended the MICRO business meeting diversity discussion and/or have followed it on this blog/twitter, we wanted to provide an update to the MICRO and broader computer architecture communities as to the next steps.

First off, we want to thank everyone who participated in the diversity discussion and expressed their thoughts. It was by far the largest crowd that has ever attended a MICRO business meeting! More importantly, the discussion was both productive and insightful. Not only did MICRO regulars speak up, but the discussion was joined by a good number of students, which made it all the more useful.

We take the discussion and need to take action very seriously. Here is a list of the initial steps that will be taken...

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