MICRO Steering Committee

  • Chita Das, Penn State
  • Sandhya Dwarkadas, Rochester
  • Antonio Gonzalez, UPC Barcelona
  • Michael Gschwind, IBM Research
    (ACM SIGMICRO rep)
  • Wen-mei Hwu, Illinois (IEEE TCuARCH rep)
  • Scott Mahlke, Michigan (co-chair)
  • Onur Mutlu, ETH Zurich (co-chair)
  • Vijayalakshmi (Viji) Srinivasan, IBM Research
  • Josep Torrellas, Illinois

MICRO-51 (2018, Fukuoka, Japan)

MICRO-50 (2017, Boston, Massachusetts)

MICRO Diversity Study - Your Feedback Requested

Dear all,

As part of the MICRO-50 business meeting, there was a session devoted to discussing diversity in MICRO and more broadly computer architecture conferences.

One of the decisions the SC co-chairs made (in consultation with many members of the MICRO community) was to get input and ideas from the broader community on how to broaden participation of women and underrepresented minorities at the MICRO conference in particular (and in computer architecture conferences in general).

To this end, as a first concrete action item for requesting such input, we have developed a survey on diversity (again, in consultation with many members of our community).

As a member of the broader computing community, we would like to invite everyone to fill out the survey provided here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfczMKQzdhtBZVjNQsPDkLFLKrxGypxtMpzD1qXqb098LiZXw/viewform

The deadline for filling out the survey is February 28, 2018.

Thank you!

Scott Mahlke and Onur Mutlu
Micro SC Co-Chairs

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