The MICRO organizing committee is pleased to announce that the 35th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-35) will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from Nov. 18 to Nov. 22, 2002. MICRO represents the premier technical forum on microarchitecture. MICRO is the best scientific venue to meet the key people in the microprocessors field; it is well attended by both academic and industrial experts on the design of microprocessors.

MICRO-35 will feature outstanding keynote speeches by Tilak Agerwala (Vice President, Systems, IBM Research) and by Justin Rattner (Intel Fellow and Director, Microprocessor Research, Intel Labs). The MICRO-35 technical program will be of very high quality, as usual: This year, we have had 150 papers submitted to MICRO (another record for MICRO), out of which 36 were accepted. MICRO-35 will include 7 tutorials on exciting topics of current interest: molecular computing, asynchronous and partially asynchronous microprocessor design, thermal management in microprocessors, compilation for the Itanium, network processors, and microarchitecture simulation tools. There will also be 4 cutting-edge workshops, on EPIC architectures and compilers, media and stream processors, multithreading, and application-specific processors.

I especially encourage students to attend MICRO-35, and to submit papers to the MICRO-35 workshops. We  have created a new Student Advocate  position this year in MICRO, for making sure we are providing the right opportunities for the students, who will become the next generation of researchers in our field. Due to generous corporate donations and support from the National Science Foundation, we will be able to offer many travel grants for students and junior faculty.  There will also be best student paper and best student presentation awards in MICRO-35's technical programs. ACM and IEEE CS have graciously agreed to provide free memberships to the award-winning student authors.

Istanbul is a jewel of a city, combining the magnificent historical treasures of past civilizations with the life of a modern metropolis. Besides the architectural marvels of St. Sophia and the Blue Mosque, Istanbul's rich cultural heritage offers countless Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman historical sites. The old bazaars, cafés, restaurants, night clubs, and shopping centers add to Istanbul's colorful daily life taking place on both the European and Asian sides of the blue waters of the Bosphorus strait, and on the pretty Islands nearby.  Please take a look at the Istanbul photo gallery on our Web site. Our social program at MICRO-35 will try to give you a glimpse of the cultural richness of Istanbul. After the conference, I would encourage you to stay in Istanbul a few days to see more, and/or visit other interesting places in Turkey, such as the Antalya or Izmir regions. MICRO-35's official conference organization/travel agency in Istanbul, SEMOR, will offer a portfolio of organized tours/travel packages to interested MICRO-35 attendees.

MICRO-35 will take place at the Hilton Istanbul, an established high-end hotel in Istanbul. We are glad to say that MICRO-35 is able to offer low rates to the attendees at this hotel. But I would suggest making your hotel reservations early; space is limited.

I hope you will consider attending MICRO-35. I am looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul in November!

If you have any questions or comments about MICRO-35, please feel free to contact me at:

Kemal Ebcioglu
Micro-35 General Chair
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center