The 48th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, 2015

Student Travel Grants

US National Science Foundation and ACM SIGMICRO are providing funds to support travel grants for students to attend MICRO-48. Funds can be requested to cover transportation (flights + ground) and accommodation costs covering the period Dec. 5-9, 2015. Note that the conference and workshops/tutorials registration fee is not part of the grants.

The size and number of the travel grants will vary depending on available funding and the number of student applicants. While we encourage all in need of a travel grant to apply, the selection process will give higher priority to students with greater involvement in the conference (presenter, co-author) and under-represented student groups. Students are encouraged to become members of either ACM or IEEE but membership is not required in order to be reimbursed.

Reimbursement will occur after the conference, and is contingent upon two things:
1. The submission of all original receipts (transportation and accommodation). Please note that we must have the original receipts and not credit card receipts.
2. The submission of a 1-page report of your experience of MICRO48, and what you thought was the most significant presentation and the paper at the conference.

Grant applications must be received by the deadline. The application deadline is Nov. 17th.
Note that our system WILL NOT send out a confirmation letter once you submit the student travel grant application.
It will only show a webpage stating "Log application successfully. File uploaded successfully." if your application was received.
If you need to check the status of your submission, please email our web chair Ching-Kai Liang (chingkai AT gatech DOT edu).
For other questions or enquiries, please email Prof. Guru Prasadh Venkataramani (guruv AT gwu DOT edu).

The travel grant application is CLOSED.