Instructions to Format and Submit Final Papers to MICRO 2012

Step 1 (Page Limit): The page limit is 12 pages. You cannot purchase extra pages. The shepherd can recommend an extra page but the program chair must approve.

Step 2 (Important Deadlines): The final paper is due Nov 5. A signed copyright release form is due Nov 5. Please note "MICRO 2012" in any correspondence to Bob Werner (, the editor at IEEE.

Step 3-4 (Prepare and Format): Use this LaTeX Template to prepare your paper final version. N.B. that the default font size is 9pt in this template. Also, please do NOT include page numbers in the final version.

For reference, the required paper dimensions and font sizes are:

Field Value
Page limit 12 pages
Paper size US Letter 8.5in x 11in
Top margin 1in
Bottom margin 1in
Left margin 0.75in
Right margin 0.75in
Separation between columns 0.25in
Body font 9pt
Abstract font 9pt, italicized
Section heading font 10pt, bold
Subsection heading font 9pt, bold
Caption font 8pt, bold
References 8pt

Table 1: Formatting guidelines for submission.

Step 5 (PDF Express): Check the file with PDF eXpress found here.

Step 6 (Rename PDF for Submission): The paper file name will be automatically renamed by the submission webpage.

Step 7 (Submit Copyright): Use the following link to submit copyright release found here.

Step 8 (Final PDF Submission): Submit the PDF, using this link. The deadline for submitting the paper and signing the copyright release is November 5th 2012.