The 45th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, 2012
Co-sponsored by IEEE-CS TC-uARCH and ACM SIGMICRO
General Chair
Stephen Melvin, Consultant
Program Chair
Onur Mutlu, Carnegie Mellon University
Program Committee
Tor Aamodt, British Columbia
David Albonesi, Cornell
Krste Asanovic, Berkeley
Todd Austin, Michigan
Rajeev Balasubramonian, Utah
Richard Belgard, Consultant
Pradip Bose, IBM
David Brooks, Harvard
Douglas Carmean, Intel
Derek Chiou, UT-Austin
Robert Colwell, DARPA
Tom Conte, Georgia Tech
Chita Das, Penn State
Michel Dubois, USC
Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM
Lieven Eeckhout, Ghent University
Boris Grot, EPFL
Nikos Hardavellas, Northwestern
James Hoe, CMU
Wen-mei Hwu, Illinois
Engin Ipek, Rochester
Daniel Jimenez, UT San Antonio
Hyesoon Kim, Georgia Tech
Konrad Lai, Intel
Gabriel Loh, AMD
Ahmed Louri, NSF and Arizona
Scott Mahlke, Michigan
Srilatha Manne, AMD
Andreas Moshovos, Toronto
Trevor Mudge, Michigan
Yale Patt, UT-Austin
Milos Prvulovic, Georgia Tech
Moinuddin Qureshi, Georgia Tech
Ronny Ronen, Intel
Yanos Sazeides, Cyprus
Michael Schlansker, HP Labs
Andre Seznec, IRISA/INRIA
Michael Shebanow, NVIDIA
Burton Smith, Microsoft
Jared Smolens, Oracle
Viji Srinivasan, IBM
Chris Wilkerson, Intel
Yuanyuan Zhou, UCSD
Craig Zilles, Illinois
Tutorials and Workshops Chair
Derek Chiou, UT Austin
Finance Chair
Tor Aamodt, British Columbia
Web and Submissions Chairs
Chris Fallin, Carnegie Mellon University
Justin Meza, Carnegie Mellon University
Vivek Seshadri, Carnegie Mellon University
Steering Committee
David Albonesi, Cornell
Richard Belgard, Consultant (Chair)
Tom Conte, Georgia Tech
Kemal Ebcioglu, Global Supercomputing
Paolo Faraboschi, HP Labs
Wen-mei Hwu, Illinois
Scott Mahlke, Michigan
Margaret Martonosi, Princeton
Bill Mangione-Smith, IP Navigation Group
Yale Patt, UT Austin
Milos Prvulovic, Georgia Tech.

The International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO) is the premier forum for presentation and discussion of new ideas in microarchitecture, compilers, hardware/software interfaces, and design of advanced computing and communication systems. The goal of MICRO is to bring together researchers in the fields of microarchitecture, compilers, and systems for technical exchange. The MICRO community has enjoyed having close interaction between academic researchers and industrial designers -- we aim to continue and strengthen this longstanding tradition at the 45th MICRO in Vancouver.

We invite original paper submissions related to but not limited to the following:

  • Hardware, software, and hybrid techniques for improving system performance, energy-efficiency, cost, complexity, predictability, quality of service, reliability, dependability, security, scalability, programmer productivity, etc.
  • Processor, memory, storage, interconnect designs
  • Architectures for instruction-level, thread-level, and memory-level parallelism: superscalar, VLIW, data-parallel, multithreaded, multicore, manycore, etc.
  • Compiler and microarchitectural techniques for parallelism (ILP, TLP, MLP)
  • Low-power, high-performance, and cost/complexity-efficient architectures
  • Dynamic optimization, emulation, and object code translation
  • Architectures for emerging platforms, including smartphones, tablets, cloud/datacenter, etc.
  • Architectures and compilers for embedded processors, DSPs, GPUs, ASIPs (network processors, multimedia, wireless, etc.)
  • Advanced software/hardware speculation and prediction schemes
  • Microarchitecture techniques to better support system software, programming languages, programmability, and compilation
  • Microarchitecture modeling and simulation methodology
  • Insightful experimental and comparative evaluation and analysis of existing microarchitectures, hardware/software mechanisms and workloads

Submissions should follow the guidelines and formatting rules specified on the conference website. Papers that violate these guidelines and rules may be returned to author(s) without review.