The Era of Efficient Compute

Gary Lauterbach

For much of its history the computer industry focused on increasing performance. Innovations in underlying implementation technology simultaneously delivered improvements across multiple dimensionsperformance, size, power and costwithout the explicit focus on efficiency. This paradigm, however, is changing and computer architects must now explicitly design for efficiency as a primary goal. Gary will discuss this trend, the underlying driving forces and the future implications.


Gary is currently CTO and co-founder of SeaMicro, a startup focused on delivering efficient computer systems for the Internet data center. Gary has worked in industry for 35 years in various roles including O/S kernel development, CAD tool development, logic design, RF system architecture and design, micro-processor architecture and computer system architecture. Previously at Sun Microsystems he was the chief architect of the UltraSPARC-III processor and the DARPA HPCS supercomputer.