MICRO-36 Workshops

December 1-2, 2003, San Diego, CA

This year at MICRO-36 we are planning 2 days of pre-conference workshops and tutorials. All workshops are full day events.

Printable Schedule

The following workshops/tutorials are being planned:

Monday, December 1st:

5th Workshop on Media and Streaming Processors (MSP)

3rd Workshop on Power-Aware Computer Systems (PACS)

Half-Day Tutorial: Challenges in Embedded Computing

Half-Day Tutorial: Open Research Compiler (ORC): Proliferation of Technologies and Tools

Tuesday, December 2nd:

2nd Workshop on Application Specific Processors (WASP)

Half-Day Tutorial: Microarchitecture-Level Power-Performance Simulators: Modeling, Validation, and Impact on Design

Half-Day Tutorial: Network Processors

Half-Day Tutorial: Architectural Exploration with Liberty