ACM SIGMICRO new membership offered at half-price to MICRO-34 registrants
(Free for students)


The ACM Special Interest Group on Microarchitectural Research, SIGMICRO, specializes in computer microarchitecture, and especially in features permitting instruction-level parallelism and their related implications on compiler design. For the past 34 years, the annual MICRO conference (co-sponsored by SIGMICRO) has been a key forum for presenting major breakthroughs in computing architecture, and has established itself as the premier conference on instruction level parallelism. The SIGMICRO newsletter publishes once a year as the conference proceedings and is included as a benefit of membership in the SIG (i.e. SIGMICRO members get an extra copy of the MICRO proceedings in the mail).

ACM SIGMICRO has also recently been making progress toward new, exciting additional project goals beyond the MICRO conference, including:

ACM SIGMICRO is the right professional organization to belong to, if you are a microarchitect, microprogrammer, advanced compiler designer, or a researcher/developer of superscalar, pipelined, or fine-grain parallel computer architectures, or if you are interested in learning more about such microarchitecture topics.

Special new SIGMICRO membership offer to MICRO-34 registrants:

ACM SIGMICRO membership fees are normally $21/year for non-students and $8/year for students. However, for registrants of MICRO-34, we are making the following special offer, to those who are not already members of SIGMICRO and wish to become new members:

We are looking forward to seeing you as part of the ACM SIGMICRO community.