Student Travel Grants

We are pleased to announce the availability of Micro-33 student travel grants. The grant program is made possible through ACM SIGMICRO. The purpose of the grant is to supplement the advisor's research grants or the student's fellowship travel allowance to make attending Micro-33 even more affordable. Grant details are given below:

Andy Wolfe, Mike Schlansker
Chairs, Micro-33

Micro-33 Student Travel Grant Application Form

Surname (last name): Given name (first name): MI:
School / University:

Expected degree:
Expected graduation date:

Area of research:
Name of advisor

Paper title (if presenting a paper at Micro-33):

Have you published at "Micro" before?
If so, please list the years:

Estimate of expenses: airfare $, hotel $, and registration $.

Taxpayer ID# (US: Social Security. Other: ID#)

Your E-mail address for correspondence:


Last updated: November 9, 2000